What beers do you sell?

We have over 350 permanent lines in our portfolio, taking in the UK, USA, Germany, Belgium, France and Norway. On top of that we have a weekly specials list with around 150 draught and packaged beers. You can browse a list of all our permanent beers here, but to get access to the specials list you’ll need to create an account.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is 8 cases or 2 kegs – or a mix of the two totalling £300 including VAT.

What is the cut off for orders?

We ask that all orders are made by 1pm the day before delivery. If you miss this deadline we will not be able to fulfil your order and you will have to wait for your next delivery slot.

How do I pay for my beer?

You can pay by credit card, but for the best pricing you need to set up an account for which we can offer credit terms. In certain situations we may accept cash on delivery. For more details call us on 01622 710339.

I want to buy lots of beer – what support do you offer?

Depending on volumes we can offer technical and marketing support for people who take on our brands. If you want to take permanent lines we can also help pay for installs and even carry them out ourselves. For more information head to our Support page

Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout the mainland UK, subject to a minimum order of 8 cases or 2 kegs – or a mix of the two.

How is the beer delivered?

We deliver to the vast majority of the UK via our own fleet and drivers. However, in more remote parts of the UK we still use couriers and one-way kegs and cases. In the next 12 months we hope to have 100% coverage with our own lorries.

What time and day do you deliver?

When you become a Cave Direct customer you are allocated a delivery day each week – the time of day will vary depending on traffic and volume but after the first order you’ll have a rough idea of when we will arrive and we are very communicative.

Can I ask the driver to collect the empties?

Our drivers always collect empties when they deliver an order. If you think they might miss them, put them in a obvious place in the cellar.

What is your returns policy?

We only accept returns when either Cave Direct or the brewery is at fault. This includes, but isn't limited to, faulty kegs, beer flaws and misdelivery. On other occasions we may be able to offer a return and refund but we can't guarantee this. Usually returns are collective on the next delivery, but if you need replacements we can arrange additional logistics.

Do you have allergen details?

The vast majority of our beers are vegan friendly, but the odd beer isn't so please view descriptions within each product. All beers contain gluten unless flagged otherwise, but we have some lovely gluten-free lagers and ales. If you have any questions just drop us a line

Do you sell to the public?

We do! Simply head to Beermerchants.com, the internet’s best online beer store and our sister company. It has around 1,000 incredible craft beers including 350 from the Cave portfolio.

Who is my Account Manager?

Our account managers handle different parts of the country. To find out who is your dedicated Account Manager simply call the office on 01622 710339. The details and areas of our reps are also below.


  • Laurence Smale (south-east & Essex): 07506 179119
  • Rob Young (West London): 07835 771986
  • Robbie Ormrod (West London): 07487 251911
  • Tom Boulton (South London): 07568 564257
  • Kieran Hawkins (East London): 07792 635907
  • Bart Verhaeghe (Home Counties & south): 07736 659073


  • Will Evans (Manchester & surrounding areas): 07917 747872
  • Jim Thackray (Leeds & surrounding areas): 07715 082962
  • Robyn Peatfield (Liverpool): 07534 802031
  • Adam Gallagher (Manchester): 07534 802523


  • Mike Rochester (West England): 07808 029892
  • Alex Bona (Wales): 07429 382868
  • Will North (Birmingham): 07570 698787


  • Ross Quinn (North-east & Scotland): 078811 100 041

What training or consultancy do you offer?

Our in-house experts run monthly training courses around the country, but all our account managers are experts in both beer and cellar management, having worked in the trade previously. We also have our own cellar technician. For more information check out our Support page.

Do you provide technical support?

Our in-house cellar technician takes care of installs for permanent lines and can fix any issues that arise. He also offers training to our accounts where required, and our reps are very well trained in troubleshooting too. For more information check out our Support page.

Can’t I get your UK beers cheaper if I go direct?

We negotiate with our British breweries to be able to sell at the same price as them, so you get the best possible deal on top of delivery, technical and beer support and access to our entire portfolio.

Can I sell you my beer?

We’re always looking for exciting new breweries, but we receive a lot of pitches. If you want to work with us, the first thing to do is email your details to info@cavedirect.com and we’ll get back to you if we’re interested in samples or meeting.