Beer Academy

Support we offer

We believe that education is the key to growing the quality beer sector. For pubs and bars that means knowing how to look after beer and sell the right ones, and for customers that means understanding and being enthused by the amazing range of beers now available in the UK.

We work extremely closely with our customers  to make sure that they can serve delicious, well-kept beer whether that means helping out with beer lists, providing cellar installs or even training their staff. We have some of the country's leading beer experts on our sales team, a dedicated cellar technician available for call-outs and installs, and run monthly training days for our customers to learn about the basics of brewing, storing and selling beer.

We also offer support to all the breweries we work with, using our decades of experience in brand building and marketing to make sure we grow sustainably and efficiently together.

If you're looking to expand your beer range, set up a new pub or bar, or find an importer for your brewery get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you. You can also look at our features section which is full of advice, technical videos and interviews with producers.