What We Do

Cave Direct are one of the largest craft beer wholesalers and importers in the UK, and we do things differently. By only stocking quality beer, employing passionate and knowledgeable staff and delivering our beer direct we keep complete control over the beer and brands we represent, so you get the best service.

What Cave Direct does

We distribute direct throughout the UK

Wherever possible we don't use couriers. Our own fleet of trucks operates out of the south-east, Bristol, Newcastle and Manchester, delivering direct to your address so the beer arrives safely and without extra margins on top.

What Cave Direct does

We bring in beers no one else can

We work directly with most of our breweries and are the exclusive importer for many of our brands, including Paulaner, Kona and Lervig. This means we have access to fresh beers most importers dream of, so we know we have the best selection.

What Cave Direct does

We build brands

We aren’t a logistics company, we are merchants. With our team of beer experts we produce content to represent the breweries we work with, helping them promote the brand and look after their beer.

What Cave Direct does

We offer tech and marketing support

We don’t just drop off the beer. We offer technical and flavour training, help customers run events, and when things go wrong can send out our own dedicated technicians.

To find out more about our services, If you are unsure simply call us or drop us an email. You can also sign up for an account with us today.